Group Photography Exhibition at the Italian Institute “Moments of Venice“

The exhibition “Moments of Venice” is a result of photos taken due to a photographic work shop in Venice. The organization and realization of the project based in an idea of Dimitris Despinoudis. Dimitris merge a group of people, with differed age…
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Theater — “The suffering of the unemployed, and the Right to Laziness”

The photos were taken during the rehearsal of the theatrical play “The suffering of the unemployed, and the Right to Laziness” a play based in Nikos Panagiotopoulos text and Paul Lafargues’ book The right to laziness. Director Thodoris Gkonis. Actors …
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Cafetopion — The espresso lover hotspot

Cappuccino, Latte or even a straight shot of espresso coffee is what you need to take a good breath in the middle of the day. Cafetopoio is based in the heart of the city and it’s a hotspot for all the espresso lovers. A small…
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Destination Unknown

Dare to take a backpack and get lost among the crowd to an unknown destination. Taste the local food and entertain self in a local pub…
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Mobile Up Load

Photos taken exclusively from my mobile phone.
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