The pub means different things to different people. The perfect pub depends on so many variables. For some, the perfect pub is about low ceilings and wood fires, for others it is the dependable jazz band in the corner.
Even with your eyes closed, you would know for sure that you are entering a pub. The smell of beer, ale and cider spilt on the floor and tables from hundreds of glasses, held in hundreds of hands, night after night, will be here forever.
A typical scene is of a bartender — either a pretty girl or a guy giving you a pint glass, with drops of beer inevitably spilling on the counter. You feel that the glass is wet, cold and heavy in your hand. The place is crowded, so as you turn around with your drink, part of it spills on your fingers, your clothes and on the floor. But despite this, pubs have their charm and they are a great part of British culture.